The JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION is an international private collection of contemporary art with a focus on time-based art. The collection opened in 2007 and comprises installations, videos, photographs, paintings and sculptures. Each year a different exhibition presents, documents and makes available to the public different aspects of the collection.

Key areas of focus include presenting academic analyses of the content of the works, highlighting art-historical references within the collection and revealing connections between individual works.

Expanding the collection, and restoration and conservation work are also central to the collection’s ongoing activities. At its location in Duesseldorf, the JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION has two exhibition floors with a total of 2,500 m2 available for its public shows.

In addition to presenting its own work, the collection’s programme also includes cooperative projects with other international institutions, curators and artists.

The complete collection catalogue was published in the exhibition catalogue GENERATION LOSS.