Date:17 February 2018
Time:05:00 pm-06:00 pm
Location:Cinema of the Julia Stoschek Collection
Category:Events & lectures, Studio 54
Registration:Registration not required
Photographer Tobias Zielony has been known since 2000 for his photo series focusing on marginalized teens and young adults. He is less concerned with documenting their life circumstances and more with portraying their demeanor and their wresting for self-confidence and identity. 

Since 2008 he has been creating videos, films and photo animations in addition to his photo series, such that the moving image now plays an important and distinct role in Zielony’s work.

The JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION will be screening Tobias Zielony’s moving image works on the occasion of Düsseldorf Photo Weekend 2018. The works include the recent photo animation MASKIROVKA (2017), which looks at Kiev’s queer club and rave scene. The title “Maskirovka” not only relates to the masks worn by the protagonists in the city’s nightlife, but more importantly to the eponymous Russian tradition of covert warfare and military deception. As queer identities of the Kiev underground, the protagonists find themselves in a public sphere shaped by violence, repression and upheaval in civil-war-torn Ukraine.

The following works will be on view:

Tobias Zielony, DER BRIEF (THE LETTER), 2012, video, 4’26’’, color, sound

Tobias Zielony, THE DEBOARD, 2008, Super 8 film, transferred to video, 7’23’’, b/w, sound

Tobias Zielony, AL-AKRAB, 2014, video, 4’25’’, color, sound

Tobias Zielony, BIG SEXYLAND, 2008, video, 3’07’’, b/w, sound
Tobias Zielony, THE STREET (C.P.A.), 2013, video, 1’57’’, color, no sound
Tobias Zielony, MASKIROVKA, 2017, video, 8’46’’, color, no sound

Tobias Zielony, KALANDIA KUSTOM KAR KOMMANDOS (DREAM LOVER), 2014, Video, 3’03’’, color, sound (sound: The Paris Sisters)

Tobias Zielony, DANNY, 2013, video, 7’48’’, color, no sound
Tobias Zielony, ALLES, 2017, Super 8 film, transferred to video, 5’31’’, color, no sound

Tobias Zielony (b. 1973 in Wuppertal, Germany; lives and works in Berlin, Germany) studied documentary photography at the University of Wales, Newport, as well as Fine Art Photography under Timm Rautert at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.
In 2015 his works were shown as part of a group exhibition as a contribution by the German Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale. He has further had solo exhibitions at von der Heydt Museum, Wuppertal (2017/2018), Berlinische Galerie (2013), the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and MMK Zollamt, Frankfurt/Main (both in 2011). He took part in the International Studio and Curatorial Program, New York, and was awarded the Karl Ströher Prize in 2011.

Cinema of the JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION Düsseldorf, Schanzenstrasse 54, 40549 Düsseldorf
The current exhibition GENERATION LOSS, which also features Tobias Zielony’s piece LE VELE DI SCAMPIA (2009), will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. parallel to the event.