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11:00 am-06:00 pm, Location: JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION Düsseldorf, Category: Events & lectures,

Thursday, 28 September 2017

16MM CINEMA: NACH ALLEN REGELN DER KUNST – KÜNSTLERINNEN IN DER BRD - A film by Barbara Bongartz and Helga Weckop-Conrads 

08:00 pm-10:30 pm, Location: 16-mm-Kino der JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION, Category: Studio 54, Events & lectures,
Thursday,September 28, 2017
Start: 8 p.m.NACH ALLEN REGELN DER KUNST – KÜNSTLERINNEN IN DER BRD A film by Barbara Bongartz and Helga Weckop-ConradsWest Germany 1987 / 16mm / color / magnetic sound / 80 minutes Free admission
16-mm cinema of the JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION, Schanzenstrasse 54, 40549 Düsseldorf
As the number of seats is limited, please preregister by sending an email to: diana.seidel@duesseldorf.deYou are cordially invited to the film night at the JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTIONin the context of the exhibition project 4x3 EXTRA* on Thursday, September 28, 2017, at 8 p.m.The film premiered on July 8, 1987 as part of the art film program of DOCUMENTA 8 in Kassel. In the documenta year 2017, NACH ALLEN REGELN DER KUNST turns 30. Meanwhile, the situation women face in the art market is different from the one in 1987, just as the art market itself has changed. The film is funny, full of suspense and an artwork beyond its historical value. And it is not least for this reason that it prompts us to consider the situation of female artists today and update our position in this respect. Gabriele Horndasch, 2017 From the invitation to the press viewing in 1987:  Asked by ARTnews “Where are the women in German art?,” painter Georg Dokoupil replied: “At home, cooking.” Quotes like this have become frequent in the media in recent years and motivated the two authors to examine the situation of female artists.The starting point was the structural discrimination, which could be verified by way of facts and figures, of female artists in all public spheres, in museum shows, commissions, exhibitions and teaching. The film was created on the basis of recorded interviews that Barbara Bongartz and I conducted with 50 female artists and several representatives of the art world. The list of questions related to areas that were relevant for both male and female artists. Female artists of different degrees of prominence, age groups and working in all media were interviewed. In contrast to the unambiguous statement made by the figures, the result of the conversations did not allow for reliable generalizations to be made. As a consequence, we decided to undertake an experiment. In the main part of the film the thematic fields develop solely from the statements by the female artists, with the omission of the commentary otherwise commonly used in this type of format.The first short section is a review of the working conditions of the 19th century, by way of looking at the life and work of the highly gifted Marie Bashkirtseff (1854 Poltawa, Ukraine – 1884 Paris), who died at a young age. In 1987 the art historian Renate Berger brought about the opening of the artist’s mausoleum. A large part of her painterly oeuvre was found there; it had fallen victim to decay. The text for the film’s epilog was written by Roger Willemsen (1955-2016) and revolved around images from the casemates in Düsseldorf underneath the historical city center, which in the 1980s had been provisionally renovated by female and male artists, who held independent exhibitions there.Helga Weckop-Conrads, 2017The participating artists are:Liz Bachhuber, Victoria Bell, Sybille Berke, Anna Blume, Miriam Cahn, Regine von Chossy, Lili Fischer, Mechthild Frisch, Doris Hadersdorfer, Barbara Hammann, Magdalena Jetelova, Tina Juretzek, Gisela Kleinlein, Annalies Klophaus, Julia Lohmann, Lidy von Lüttwitz, Susanne Mahlmeister, Inge Mahn, Michaela Melian, Rune Mields, Marianne Pohl, Ingrid Roscheck, Ulrike Rosenbach, Barbara Schimmel, Eva-Maria Schön, Renate Schukies, Elisabeth Vary, Isolde Wawrin, Monika von Wedel, Marlini von Wickrama Sinah, Dorothee von Windheim The patrons:Anne Brenken, Prof. Johannes Cladders , Dr. Karla Fohrbeck, Christos Joachimides, Dr. Margarete Jochimsen, Prof. Luise Kimme, Paul Maenz, Prof. Karl Vogel, Elke ZimmerThe film screening will take place in the context of 4x3 EXTRA, an exhibition project by Kunstraum Düsseldorf.*4x3 EXTRAAn exhibition by
Bettina Gruber
Luise Heuter
Georg Jansen
Curated by Gabriele Horndasch

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September 14 – October 1, 2017

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